WEX1 and WEX2 is a joint venture between Signatura, John Rabie’s private label property brand, and Indigo Properties – the masterminds behind the highly successful Old Biscuit Mill and Woodstock Exchange, with brilliant industrial-chic design by award-winning Vivid Architects,  Together, they are looking to make a statement – kick-starting the residential component of urban renewal in Woodstock’s strategically important Lower Main Road.

Signatura has made its name as brand dedicated to creating new levels of quality and value in strategically desirable urban and suburban areas of South Africa. Founded by John Rabie in July 2012, bringing with him decades of experience and the dramatic success of Century City,  Signatura adds value by identifying existing sites and transforming them into significant real estate opportunities through the application of excellence and innovation in three key areas: architecture, landscaping and interior design.

Visionary entrepreneurs and chartered accountants, Jody Aufrichtig and Nick Ferguson have directed Indigo Properties through a series of successes with The Old Biscuit Mill, The Woodstock Exchange, The River Club and Daddy’s Hotels. Beyond developing property, the company values the positive impact revitalised developments make to individual’s lifestyles as well as to the greater urban landscapes.