Join the free-spirited community.

Travel where you want, how you want.

Be yourself. Woodstock’s culture celebrates freedom of expression.

Live in Woodstock, and you’re automatically part of the inner circle.

Wherever you go is within a 2km radius of WEX1 and WEX2. Go explore.

Abundant street markets for those in the know.

Saturday morning (if you’re in the mood):

Text your friends, catch up on last night,

stroll around one of many local markets;

soaking up sunlight, the smell of freshly baked bread,

proper coffee and positive vibes.

The buzz of the Woodstock Exchange is palpable.

It’s where local and like-minded people join forces.

This is no exaggeration: The Woodstock Exchange

is home to some of the most innovative start-ups,

collaborative spaces and innovative

minds in the world.

Woodstock offers cyclists the dream lifestyle. Living on the edge of the city means you have the upper-hand. Cycle to work, while smiling at cars stuck in traffic…and park where you like, for free. Woodstock itself has dedicated cycling lanes; so cycle, at your own pace, dear friend.